Wednesday, February 28

Wednesday, February 28    

Scripture: Psalm 139: 17-18

17 How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.
    They cannot be numbered!
18 I can’t even count them;
    they outnumber the grains of sand!
And when I wake up,
    you are still with me!

Some thoughts:

     During the season of Lent, we want to reflect and walk with Christ on the road that leads to Calvary. Time and time again as the disciples traveled the hills of Judea with Jesus, they were surprised by what he said and did. Here David writes of the joys of reflecting on God’s thoughts. He notes the overwhelming scope of the mind of God. The Scriptures are filled with God’s thoughts. The Holy Spirit guides us in our thoughts and brings God’s thoughts to our minds. Wouldn’t you think people would want to spend time conversing with God seeking to find his mind? He has written down in our language many, many of his thoughts to tell us about himself. Maybe take some time with the Scriptures and write down those truths about God. The first thing you notice from this psalm is how very personal God is. You are not one of billions to God. You are known intimately by the one who made you. God knows you better than you know you. Some versions of the Bible translate verse seventeen as “How precious are your thoughts about me O God. They cannot be numbered!”

     What would it be like to have a running conversation throughout the day with God asking him what he thinks about various things we encounter? Don’t you ever wonder about all the conversations the disciples had with Jesus that are not recorded in Scripture? John’s gospel gave us much information not found in the Synoptics. John even said there were so many more things that Jesus did and said that are not recorded. Remember John was one of the three disciples closest to Jesus and also the caretaker of his mother Mary following his death, resurrection, and ascension.

     I think this idea of “what is on God’s mind in the present circumstance I am facing” is what David is getting at because he writes of his longing to live throughout the day in the presence of the Lord. Did you ever notice how close Jesus was to his heavenly Father and how often he prayed to the Father during the day and night, especially during the Jesus’ last hours on earth? He relished time alone with the Father. Perhaps a model for us? As you go through the day today, converse with the Lord, asking him for his perspective on those things you run into, even when you are buying lettuce at the grocery store! You may even have to turn the car radio off on the way home. He doesn’t usually compete with noise.

Music: “I Need Thee Every Hour” Sam Robson 

An Evening Prayer: Almighty God, in this hour of quiet I seek communion with thee. From the fret and fever of the day’s business, from the world’s discordant noises, from the praise and blame of men, from the confused thoughts and vain imaginations of my own heart, I would now turn aside and seek the quietness of Thy presence. All day long have I toiled and striven; but now, in stillness of heart and in the clear light of thine eternity I would ponder the pattern my life has been weaving. 

              —John Baillie from A Diary of Private Prayer, p.27.