Email Whitelisting

Email is great! When it works… in 2020 there was an average 306.4 BILLION emails sent per day. At least 50% of those sent are SPAM.

If you’ve subscribed but are not receiving any emails, the top cause is they got caught or rejected in a SPAM filter. We use two types of industry standard verification for sending our emails (SPF and DKIM technically speaking.) But even then, SPAM filtering is still an issue.

The top way to fix this is to “whitelist” or mark our emails as a trusted sender. Each email provider is a little different, but here are some general approaches.

General Instructions – Applies to most providers

Marking Email as “Not Spam”
Most email providers provide a way to view email flagged as SPAM. Once you’ve found our email, there is usually a button labeled “Not SPAM” or “Whitelist Sender” or “Flag as not spam”. When you click on this it should add our email as a trusted contact.

Add a new contact to your address book
Some email providers use your contact/address book as part of their SPAM filtering. If a contact exists in your address book, it has a higher chance of not being flagged as SPAM. Create a new contact and add dan<AT> (replace “<AT>” with @ so it’s a valid email address.)

Specific Provider Instructions

GMAIL – Guide to whitelisting
OUTLOOK – Guide to whitelisting
YAHOO.COM – Guide to whitelisting