Sharp Devotional Update


The joyous celebration of Easter Sunday yesterday marked the end of this year’s Lenten devotionals, though Lent actually ends on Maundy Thursday. Since you are used to receiving emails from me, I thought I’d add one more day and bring you all up to date on the book project I’m working on.

A few weeks ago I signed a contract with Covenant Publishing who reviewed the manuscript which is currently in the hands of their editors having been accepted by their editorial board. I continue to edit the manuscript as well. We are aiming to have the book available in time for this coming Advent in 2024. Pray to that end, it could be close as 8-10 months is the usual time it takes for a release date.

A word about the book itself. This is actually the first of four volumes I’m planning on writing. The goal is to write a devotional for each day of the entire year.This volume will cover every day between the first Sunday in Advent to Ash Wednesday. Volume II Ash Wednesday to Pentecost, Volume III Pentecost to Rosh Hashanah, and Volume IV Rosh Hashanah to Advent. The books will be in both paperback and e-book editions.

Since Advent and Easter are not set dates (like Christmas), I have figured out how to make it all work no matter when those seasons begin. I have the starting dates for Advent and Easter every year between now and 2075! As a result, there will be more than 400 daily entries in the four volumes! You will never be without a daily devotional.

The format will be very similar to the devotionals you receive, but in addition there will be a QR code for each day along with the URL link for the music entries. There is new material and much rewriting, re-working, and updating of some previous entries. There is also some new music. The book will include topical, scriptural, and music indices in addition to the Advent and Easter calendars from 2025-2075. 

Well that gives you an update of where we are in this process and we’ll be in touch along the way. I’ll appreciate your passing the word along. Thanks so much.

Blessings and the Lord be with you,