Sunday, December 15

Candle Lighter: “The Light of the world is coming!” (As you light the third (pink) Advent candle.)

Reader: “A Magnificat . . .”

Response: “from the New Testament.”

Scripture: Luke 1:46-55

Mary responded,

“Oh, how my soul praises the Lord.

How my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!

For he took notice of his lowly servant girl,

    and from now on all generations will call me blessed.

For the Mighty One is holy,

    and he has done great things for me.

He shows mercy from generation to generation

    to all who fear him.

His mighty arm has done tremendous things!

    He has scattered the proud and haughty ones.

He has brought down princes from their thrones

    and exalted the humble.

He has filled the hungry with good things

    and sent the rich away with empty hands.

He has helped his servant Israel

    and remembered to be merciful.

For he made this promise to our ancestors,

    to Abraham and his children forever.”

Reader: “The word of the Lord,”

Response: “from the mother of the Lord.”

Some thoughts:
As mentioned yesterday, Hannah’s song, regarding the birth of Samuel, the judge, prophet, and priest who anointed Israel’s first king, was a shadow of what was to come in its fullness, the son of Mary, the Messiah, the final Prophet, Priest, and King. There were some striking parallels between the two women. Did you notice Hannah’s faith when the old priest Eli said, “May God grant you your request.”? Her mourning was over. She ate. She believed God. Mary’s response to Gabriel was one of faith in God as well. “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you said about me come true.” Hannah gave her first born son to serve the Lord. Can you imagine how hard that must have been? She prayed years and years for a child. She had him for the first few years and then gave him up as he lived at the Temple after that and she saw him only occasionally. Mary likewise gave up her first born Son who was the Temple. Both women had additional children afterwards. Hannah had three additional sons and two daughters and Mary had four additional sons and several daughters. The New Testament books bearing the names of James and Jude were written by two of Jesus’ earthly brothers, sons of Mary and Joseph. And what is the point here? Hannah and Mary are two remarkable women who trusted God in unique situations. God blessed their faith and counted it as righteousness. They both believed in God’s biggest picture of what he was doing and chose to be a part of God’s working in the world. The result changed a nation and changed a universe! Trust the Lord for the path you walk this day.

Music:  “Magnificat” JS Bach     In case you ever wondered what it looked like when Bach wrote it! He did not have a computer, just pen and ink and a gift from God. At the end of every piece he wrote, he put  S.D.G. soli deo gloria, “to the glory of God” Also this tempo is about twice as fast as the Mormon’s sang it yesterday! But you can see the notes they were singing!


My soul magnifies the Lord,

And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

For he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: 

for behold, henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

Father, I abandon myself into your hands. Do with me what you will. Whatever you do, I will thank you. I am ready for all, I accept all. Let only your will be done in me, as in all your creatures. And I’ll ask nothing else, my Lord. Into your hands I commend my spirit; I give it to you with all the love of my heart. For I love you, Lord, and so need to give myself, to surrender myself into your hands with a trust beyond all measure, because you are my Father. Amen.
―Charles de Foucauld